Kevin Garnett : le bel hommage de LeBron James

S'il n'a pas forcément bien vécu les éliminations de ses Cavs contre les Celtics il y a quelques années, LeBron James a un immense respect pour Kevin Garnett.

Kevin Garnett : le bel hommage de LeBron James
Les oppositions en playoffs entre les Boston Celtics de Kevin Garnett et les Cleveland Cavaliers de LeBron James ont marqué toute une génération. Elles ont aussi marqué LBJ de manière indélébile, ne serait-ce que parce qu’elles font partie des raisons qui l’ont poussé à partir à Miami. Mais malgré les défaites, les fautes violentes et les mots assassins dont le Big Ticket était spécialiste, LeBron James a toujours eu beaucoup de respect pour Kevin Garnett. Et, alors qu’il vient d’annoncer sa retraite, le King lui a fait un bel hommage sur Instagram : [html]

I mean where do I start. First watching you play at the Solon Cage Classic in Ohio with Team Michigan when u were in HS, I believe I was 10 years old and I was like dang this dude nice!! Then a lil time passed and u were drafted straight out of HS to the pros so I felt like man whoever get him is a lucky team. And I surely wasn't wrong! The KID nickname was fly, swaged out and made a 10 year old kid from Akron believe he could run with the big boys himself! Fast forward 8 years later that kid you inspired entered the draft fresh out of HS as well. Thank you!! Competing vs you in whatever uniform u were in at the time meant the world to me because of two distinctive trait u had. Passion and commitment to just compete every single possession. U showed me what it took and we never played on the same team(All-Star games is different). Thank you! Congratulations to The Big Ticket on a helluva career! HOF is your next stop to cap it all off, the cherry on top!! 1 Love

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