Lourd : Un rappeur imagine Russell Westbrook en fermier

Et si Russell Westbrook avait grandi dans une ferme avant d'exploser aux yeux du monde en NBA ? C'est ce qu'a imaginé Lil Dicky dans un morceau franchement sympa.

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Lourd : Un rappeur imagine Russell Westbrook en fermier
Kevin Durant va être jaloux. Si la star du Thunder avait eu droit à un morceau de rap à charge ("Fuck KD" du clown Lil'B), son pote Russell Westbrook vient de faire l'objet d'un véritable hommage. Dans "Russell Westbrook on a farm", Lil Dicky, un comédien de Philadelphie reconverti en rappeur, a créé une véritable fiction autour du meneur All-Star, l'imaginant dans la peau d'un fermier ayant quitté sa campagne pour percer dans le basket. Certains trouveront peut-être ça pourri, mais la musicalité des lyrics et le boulot d'ensemble sont franchement intéressants. [youtube hd="0"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOgBg2up7Jg[/youtube]

Les lyrics concernant Russell Westbrook dans le 2e partie du morceau

Just imagine for a second what if Russell Westbrook never knew his own mentality Grew up on a farm where the biggest commonality Was people that conform to the ruralest localities To Russell though it was nuffin but normality And he really nice up on the plow in actuality Everybody liked the kid and dug his personality And so da mutuality was somewhat rationality So then ya man made a plan of practicality Not even a plan, it was more of a formality Get a little land and attend to its vitality Then raise a little fam till it all became finality The strategy was just to stay in the course And do ya chores, when ya happy you ain't need to abort Never explored nothing less he rollin round on his horse Then one day he was up on his horse That’s when he went past the porch The path he normally passes forth Was fast and short, was after more Went faster north, amassed a lure To master more…and then discovered the court He like yaaa…let me down Tim Hopped off, lookin puzzled at the round rim Saw a ball up in the corner on the ground then Russell started dribbling and giggling astounded Then he shot a brick and then a brick and then he downed it And when he hit it Russell listened to the fuckin sound friction Up in a swish make and he was confounded Because he knew that he had found him But right now, it was still for the fun Just a way to kill the time when the farming was done Then the walking turned to running, and the hoppin turned to jumping And dunking, and Russell had to keep coming because the young’n was fucking Disgusting and loving it, running it, all of a sudden the public started to come In abundance and fuck wit him, cuz he was butter and hungry, hung jury Cuz stories of glory not normally for people like him Then the word got around up to ESPN And they flying Russell down to compete in the gym Bunch a grown men lookin to belittle the kid Because to those men, ball was the reason to live And the GOATS they been all in since they was kids So this goat owning mafucka look like a dick And even know Russell knows that, he doesn’t submit He just chills wit a grin And then the game start, and this muthafucka take charge Make it rain, hard D up on these bitches making children of men Lookin better than his predecessors ever could get Turned the animosity to respect And then the Thunder called him Said they heard a lot about the ballin Told him that they wanna get involved and Showed him all the shit that you can get up in the league, it’s so appalling Oklahoma City in the autumn, hella pretty Awesome, errbody laud him Erry bitty lookin like they really fucking fallin Condominium is so legitimate it’s sprawling And this muthafucka on the court straight ballin Cash all up in that ass Lol’ing at the past like, where the fuck would I be at up on the other path Right? If I never stumbled pon the game then think of that life Shit, who taking care of ma farm? Who taking care of ma farm? Who taking care of ma farm? I really loved that farm…uh
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